Sunday, July 27, 2014


Just a few miles from where we live is Canton Lake.  I have posted many pictures of the lake and it holds a special place in my heart.  I met Dennis there one evening, and our family along with friends have made many memories there.  We camped there when I was growing up and we also camped there with my family, after we were married and had our daughter.  We have skiied or jet skiied every inch of that lake and our kids grew up there.  But also at Canton Lake is a place called Cantonment.  On one of Dennis and I's road trips we decided to explore.   Here is what I found online.
Cantonment, a Mennonite mission (General Conference Mennonite) among the Cheyenne Indians, located on the North Canada River, a few miles north of Canton, Oklahoma. The "Cantonment" once housed a division of cavalry, stationed here to guard the Cheyennes. On 2 October 1882 the empty buildings of the cantonment were turned over to the mission to be used as a school. In the mid-1950s the mission only consisted of a few government buildings, residences of officials, and two small mission buildings.

Government officials often came to Cantonment to look after the economic and physical welfare of the Indians, but because they had short terms they did not become personally acquainted with the Indians and did not understand their language. Therefore Indians came to the mission every day with all sorts of matters for advice and help. This practical help was always combined with spiritual aid. Since the Indian population drifted away from Cantonment the old church there was razed and its material used in 1926 to build a new church at Longdale, across the river
It is very interesting to me as my Great Grandmother Hart taught there and we would here stories growing up.   Much Love, Cheri

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  1. History with personal family involvement so much more interesting.