Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Winter in Oklahoma

A lot of the people that read my blog live in different countries and I am sure they wonder about our weather.  This sign kind of says it all.
This last weekend our high was in in the teens and below.  This weekend it is suppose to be 70.  Can not wait. I am tired of snow and cold but at the same time I feel bad for those people who live in the north.    My squirrels and birds have had to be kept in food and thawed water.

If you click on this picture there is a squirrel on that block of food, a squirrel in that green basket on the fence and a squirrel in the glass feeder on the tree.
Then we had a couple of birds that seem to appear just about every day.  He is stitting in the tree across the street and he caught my eye.  Then he decided to come and eat. 

The bird on the far left is the female cardinal. 

My husband got a bird feeder that sits right by his computer.  It has a two way mirror so the bird can't see us but we can see them. 

I would love to here how your winter's are going and for some (Rose!)  how your summers are going. 
Much love, Cheri


  1. First things first Cheri - I enlarged all the images and that's a squirrel playground under that gorgeous tree!
    Isn't the cardinal totally amazing! I have to say all that cold and ice and snow must be awfully hard on man and beast alike. But gosh the images go a long way to cool me down.
    The heatwave has passed but I was still having the aircon blasting almost 24/7...........until I just received my 3 monthly power bill ($753!!!) YIKES. I knew we'd had a hike in tariff but REALLY? I leapt up and switched it off and opened all the windows to catch that non-existent breeze. I think a lot of us are going to be looking at some solar power!
    PS: You give me all these wonderful cool images but where's my snowman?!

  2. We didn't have a winter here at all this year. High temperatures, 9 C, no snow, no ice, nothing. I would have loved to have some real winter, I always like the 4 seasons we have.

  3. The squirrels have found the best restaurant in town. What a good idea that mirror is. I'm wondering if the red bird is a Cardinal. We do not have them.

  4. My dearest Cheri and Dennis,
    Thank you dear girl for calling by and in the process letting me know of your beautiful sister-in-law's passing. Melanoma is a sneaky and insidious disease taking so many people before their time. Please know that you, Denis, her family and her gorgeous daughter are all in my prayers and thoughts during what has been and will continue to be a difficult time filled with a huge void. I am so very sad for her nearest and dearest.
    All my love