Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July

If you know me, you know that I am very extremely passionate about politics.  I believe in the constitution and what it stands for.  Before Dennis's accident we would always go to the lake with our friends and of course it was always windy!  When we got off the lake we would ride in to town and go watch the fireworks in our small community, sometimes sitting in the boat.  When Dennis had his accident he was in the hospital on July 4th and it was one of the worst most depressing days of my life.  I knew our life would never be be the same and going to the lake was over.  I knew my friends were there now, because life goes on.  As I was sitting there with Dennis, who was out of it, two of our friends came to sit with me that day.  They were a gift given to me from God and I will always be grateful to them.  So now, with SCI you learn to have new traditions and different normals. Now we go to our friends and have a 4th of July party.  The kids swim and we eat and visit and have a great time.  God is good.

                                                      Much love, Cheri

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Road Trip

I get very envious of people who get to live in the same town as their daughters.  It doesn't seem to happen a lot but I am very jealous of the people it does happen to.  Mine doesn't live far, but for Dennis and I, a road trip entails more than hopping in the car.  It takes planning and patience and we never get to stay very long enough.   So as a caregiver that is one of the most frustrating and
sometimes sad things for me.  Today, we decided to surprise our daughter and take her to lunch since she is working.  We had some items that we needed to take to her and we thought this would be the perfect day trip.  This is Dennis in front of the newly remodeled Student Union and yes, it is amazing, but, I am a sentimental girl and I want it to look like it did in the '70's.  I didn't recognize anything.  Where is the basement bowling alleys?  I should mention if you click on the pictures they do enlarge.

 So instead of the bowling alley in the basement they have banks and places to snack and very cool places to study and relax.
 The nice little teller asked if she could help me and I told her I would like to file a complaint.  By then Whitney had heard and saw me. 
Whitney was opening an account so we waited in the little lounge area and I took a picture of Dennis under a sign of something he always wanted to be!

They had a chick-fil-a upstairs so we grabbed lunch and ate outside where it was beautiful.

I was very impressed with how accessible the campus is now.  By this time I had smudged my camera lens!

We had a great road trip but it is always to short.   Much love, Cheri

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Small Towns

Today there was an auction a block from my house at the fairgrounds!

I love living in a small town and I frequently hear the liberal media call us "the fly over states", and I feel sorry for them because they will never know the gift of a close knit community.  One of the reasons i love the small town life is because no matter where you go it's a fun time.  Our town has a group of people called The Lion's Club and they do some great things around our town.  I feel very close to this group because my husband's father Larry is a "Lion". 
That is Larry and Dennis in deep discussion I'm sure about something very important and probably about lawn mowers.  When my husband had his accident they held a fund raiser for us and we will be forever grateful to them.  A lot of the people from this group along with friends and church family came to our house and built on and modified it.  So today they had an auction to raise some money for their scholarship program.  We got there early to look around.

Did I mention the homemade pies and donuts and coffee!

I got a lot of treasures! LOL

On a good note we bought a lawn mower for 25.00, on a bad note it was Larrys and he would have given it to us!  It's a donation for a good cause.  We also bought a big gardening cabinet for a great price.  Unfortunately I didn't get the electric car. 

I had a really good time visiting and bidding.  Small towns are great!  Much love, Cheri

Sunday, May 18, 2014

More Paris

I am going to do another vintage photo for The vintage weekly blog!  This is still Paris.  In Montmarte at the Sacre Coeur.  One of my favorite nights.

  The vintage weekly blog posts pictures before we had the digital advantage.  It's very interesting to see some of the old photos.  Much love, Cheri

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Spring has Sprung

I love it when things are going smoothly, and in the life of a Spinal Cord family those times are precious.  It is now getting warm enough where we can enjoy the evenings and go places without freezing!  I took some spring time photos for all of you who follow my blog and live in the colder parts of the world.  Our squirrels are getting used to the new bird bath.  The water tends to get a little deep for the birds so we put a brick in the middle. 
 Iris's are going great.  We have a ton so I will be splitting them up and handing them out to anyone who needs some.
Our resident cardinal is still around.  He is beautiful.
 And, my clematis is growing beautiful this year.  I have decided to go get one more plant and put it in my front yard.
Now in Oklahoma it will get scorching hot so this scene will not look like this in about another month and a half!  We have to enjoy while we can.   Much love , Cheri

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

2922 days

Every year I say that this is just a day like any other day, just ignore it, but I can't.  About a month before "the day"  I start thinking about it.   I don't know if it's because it comes when the weather changes to spring, or if it's because I remember celebrating our 26th anniversary before the accident.  So, it is never far from my thought process, but I don't have to be depressed about it, because it has been 8 years and we are still alive and kicking.  When I look back, I think of how totally uninformed I was about spinal cord injuries and if it hadn't been for Christopher Reeves I probably would have never thought about it much.  Then, all of a sudden, you are smack in the middle of it all and overwhelming doesn't even begin to describe what SCI injuries are about.  In our case it wasn't just a spinal cord injury, it was a very high neck injury and one with vent dependency because Dennis can't breathe on his own.  I didn't even know about the levels of injury, and I also didn't know how much jealousy I would feel when I saw someone with a lower injury that could actually push their own chair or pick up a fork.  I would see depressed people at rehab and I would think, "are you kidding me, you can feed yourself, breathe on your own, hold hands with your loved one", and I would be angry. I quickly learned that everyone has a different walk in this injury journey and I also know that Dennis and I couldn't have made ours without God for He is our joint partner in this walk. That is when I began to see people and their walk in a different light.  Some had Jesus, some did not and I became very glad that we did. I am not saying anything negative about the people who do not believe, I am just saying I am so glad that Jesus is my Lord and saviour.  He became our strength in weakness and our joy in pain, and there are times that all you can do is give your cares to Him.  Some couples in rehab left their spouse and partners because they could not cope, I would think of Jesus and what he did for us and the pain he bore for us and think what we were going through was minimal in comparison.  I also know the charactor of my husband and I know he would do the same for me if the roles were reversed.  Life is different now, but it does not have to be awful, you just have to shift to a different normal.  Attitude is everything on both ends, caregiver and patient. Oh, we have our pity parties and it usually comes in spring when I am really busy keeping up the yard and Dennis wants to be in there helping and I am really wanting him to be in there helping!  But it always turns our Ok, because God tells us to cast our cares!
Much love, Cheri

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Winter in Oklahoma

A lot of the people that read my blog live in different countries and I am sure they wonder about our weather.  This sign kind of says it all.
This last weekend our high was in in the teens and below.  This weekend it is suppose to be 70.  Can not wait. I am tired of snow and cold but at the same time I feel bad for those people who live in the north.    My squirrels and birds have had to be kept in food and thawed water.

If you click on this picture there is a squirrel on that block of food, a squirrel in that green basket on the fence and a squirrel in the glass feeder on the tree.
Then we had a couple of birds that seem to appear just about every day.  He is stitting in the tree across the street and he caught my eye.  Then he decided to come and eat. 

The bird on the far left is the female cardinal. 

My husband got a bird feeder that sits right by his computer.  It has a two way mirror so the bird can't see us but we can see them. 

I would love to here how your winter's are going and for some (Rose!)  how your summers are going. 
Much love, Cheri