Saturday, January 10, 2015

New beginnings!

Well, now that the crazy and not so fun holidays are over, we are on the uphill climb.  Dennis is 99 % better and I am human again.  Praise God that His mercies are new every day!  I would not have made it this far if He wasn’t holding my hand every minute of every hour of every day.   I thought I would share some Christmas photos now that I feel like posting.  Remember in these photos I am sick as a dog and Dennis is not much better.  We put up a brave front!
                                                                The Boyer Boys
Reading to the grandkids!
My daughter Whitney and I

                                                             Playing Dirty Santa!
My family

                                                         Much love and God's Blessing!  Cheri

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Sickness, Christmas and the ICU

Two days before Christmas Eve I got the flu.  Bad.  Somehow I managed to host Christmas Eve and we had a great time.  Christmas Day came and still going getting a little better every day.  Saturday after Christmas my husband Dennis started feeling bad and by that evening we were in the E.R and he was unresponsive.  He had a bowel obstruction and it was bad.  After spending 3 days in the ICU with no sleep he was getting a little crazy.  He looked at me that day and said, "get me home".  He was discharged and we made our way home with a little pneumonia in one lung.  Well, that was enough to keep his oxygen stats down and it has been a struggle.  Last night I think we had break through and we are going to start our climb back up.  So I am leaving 2014 behind and looking for the new start to 2015!
                                Much love and God Bless!!  Cheri

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Pity Parties

This month has been tough.  Dennis has been very sick, on oxygen, infections and stomach pain.  This is not fun for us during what is suppose to be the most wonderful time of the year.  Since he has been sick I haven't got to do much shopping and he hasn't got to go with me at all.  He didn't get to go to my Christmas party and we had to miss some parties.  OK, I am having a pity party.  I never claimed to be a saint and I sure am not acting like one this month.  I love to shop during Christmas season and right now everything has come to a stand still.  I also love church during the holiday and I miss my church family. We had to miss all the festivities downtown in our little town, I miss these things and I am sure Dennis does also.  Most of all I just want Dennis to feel better, it sucks that he has a spinal cord injury and that he has to feel so bad on top of everything.  The one thing when you are going through all this is that you have to dig deep and if you don't have something to dig into you are going to sink.  God is the one constant in our life that anchors us and gives us the strength to get through the day.  Some days Dennis feels so bad I am not sure he wants to go on and in those moments I get out God's Word and just start reading.  It truly gets better.  This Christmastime maybe God is wanting us to reflect on the best gift that He freely gave us.  I need to start meditating on this amazing gift. get in the thankful and praise minded spirit and stop feeling sorry for myself.  The internet has some great shopping deals!!

                    Jesus is the reason for the season!   Much love, Cheri



Saturday, November 15, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014 part 1

I was thinking of what all I was thankful for this year and most of all I am thankful for everyone being healthy and no hospital visits for us this year.  One exception is my mom, who tripped over my dog and now has a bum shoulder.  This time of year always reminds me when we first came home from Houston 8 years ago.  We came home on October 1 and that first Thanksgiving at home was the best.  Being gone 5 months from home can make you very thankful.  The only thing that got us through that time was God and God alone.  This is from my journal when the holidays came around after Dennis’s accident.

“As the holiday celebrations moved closer we tried not to look at what used to be and look at the wonderful things to come.  I was very thankful my family was still together and we were celebrating the most wonderful gift, God sending His only son to die for us that we may live with Him.” 

Eight years later I am still very thankful for those things.  We do not take anything for granted anymore, and the time we spend with friends and family is more precious than ever.  Every day is a gift from God and we need to make the most of it.  Spread the Word, give Him the glory and love one another.  

Some pictures of when we came home 8 years ago! two very precious friends

  The plane I had to travel on from Houston!  Ugh

My family.

                                                              Much love, Cheri

Friday, November 7, 2014


I didn't realize how much I loved my squirrels until I started going through my photos of the little creatures.  I have taken a lot of them over 8 years since Dennis's accident.  You can say they are therapy for us.  Today I put nuts and food in "the barn" ,
                                                                      "THE HOTEL"
                                                                          The Maze


the maze


It is suppose to get really cold next week and stay that way for a while.  I hate cold weather so I got a lot of yard work done today and put summer things away.  :(
We dusted off Ronald McDonald so they could play with him.  Poor Ronald has been through it!  He has fallen from the top of the tree and been wrestled to death!

Hopefully they have enough food stored for the winter and can entertain Dennis and I all season! 
Much love, Cheri

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Unconditional love

 This has been on my heart for a long time and I decided to write down some feelings and prayers of gratefulness.  Do you ever feel like you have to accomplish something for someone to love and respect you?  Do you feel like you're not living up to the measure that your family and friends have set for you?  I hate that feeling and I hate it when I know people feel like that. My mom has always loved me unconditionally and I am sure it has to do with what she went through in her life time.  I hope I set the same example for my daughter.  If you feel that you are not living up to the worthiness of someone then I have good news!  That is God; our Father does not feel that way.  He loves us unconditionally and nothing we can do or say will change that.  You don't have to live up to His expectation, but because we love Him we usually want to try.  It doesn't have to do with grades, jobs, lifestyles, or money, it has to do with Him loving us and then we giving our love back to Him.  No conditions.  It is great to set goals for ourselves and achieve those goals, but we are all going to fall short and we should love people in the midst of those hard times.  My husband, Dennis, gets up every morning to take on a world that most people would throw in the towel on.  If he has a successful day, great!  If he has an unsuccessful day do I love him any less?  NO!  The same goes with our children, family, friends and everyone else.  We love them unconditionally or we should, just as God loves us. Christmas is coming and I always get a little overwhelmed and caught up in the season.  I have to always remind myself what the season is for and take a step back and remember what God did for me.  He put His only son on a cross, had Him beaten and then drove nails in his hands, so I could have eternal life.  Such unconditional love.  Take this season to reach to someone who is disconnected or hurting.  Show them unconditional love.  This season always makes me a little sad because of all the lonely people out there.  Go to the nursing home and just visit with someone for 10 minutes, you will be so glad you did.

On another note, I have one accomplishment.  I got a picture that I took on a road trip with Dennis one day, published in the Oklahoma Bankers Assoc. yearly calendar.  I'm not sure why they chose this picture, out of all the pictures I sent, but they did.  I took the picture but God made the landscape and colors.   Much love, Cheri

Friday, October 3, 2014

Vacation 2014 Part 2

We drove on to Clinton and ended up at the Route 66 Museum.  It looks really cool from the outside.

We enter into the foyer and it was also pretty neat, with a lot of old reminders of times past.

We paid out entry fee and started going through the museum.  There were some people in front of us from Finland and they were traveling Route 66 by motorcycle.  The museum was very small and it did not take us long to go through. 

But, of course before we left the town of Clinton we had to go here!

Best store ever!!!   I would not let Dennis go in this store for reasons known only to caregivers of people in power chairs!  Much love, Cheri